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At Yinergy, we believe in the body's innate self-healing abilities. Our practitioners look at your unique presentation and body constitution to determine what may be the root cause of your ailments, often forming connections between seemingly disparate symptoms. Using acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, we treat each unique presentation to wake up the body's self healing system. Check out our blog for more information on specific conditions.

Acupuncture for IVF Minnetonka MN
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Acupuncture for IVF Minnetonka MN

Yinergy Acupuncture Offers Tailored Fertility Solutions

At Yinergy Acupuncture, we are passionate about providing holistic solutions for individuals seeking to enhance their fertility journey, particularly those in Minnetonka MN, and surrounding areas like Minneapolis, Golden Valley, Edina, Plymouth, St Louis Park, and Hopkins. We specialize in utilizing the principles of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal remedies, to support fertility, IVF treatments, labor induction, hormone regulation, and more.

Fertility challenges can be complex and emotionally taxing, often requiring a multifaceted approach for optimal results. This is where acupuncture and Chinese medicine shine, offering natural and effective methods to enhance fertility and support assisted reproductive technologies like IVF and IUI. Our practice is dedicated to providing personalized care plans that address the specific needs of each client, recognizing that no two fertility journeys are the same.


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Commonly Treated Conditions

- Infertility, IUI and IVF support

- Pregnancy support, breech presentation, labor prep

- Women's health disorders: endometriosis, PCOS, irregular menstruation

- Digestive irregularities

- Facial nerve disorders including: Bell's palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, facial nerve damage, lost sense of smell or taste

- Anxiety, depression, brain fog

- Insomnia

- Musculoskeletal pain, injuries and recovery

- Migraines, headaches

- Narcolepsy

- Acne and other skin conditions

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Acupuncture for IVF Minnetonka MN

Yinergy Acupuncture Offers Tailored Fertility Solutions

Acupuncture has gained recognition as a valuable adjunct therapy for individuals undergoing fertility treatments such as IVF. Research has shown that acupuncture can improve blood flow to the reproductive organs, regulate hormone levels, and reduce stress, all of which can positively impact fertility outcomes.

For clients in Minnetonka and surrounding areas, our acupuncture treatments are tailored to support the IVF process, from the initial stages of ovarian stimulation to embryo transfer and beyond. By focusing on key acupuncture points associated with fertility and reproductive health, we aim to optimize the conditions for successful conception and implantation.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Hormone Balance and Reproductive Health:

In addition to acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine plays a significant role in our approach to fertility support. We offer customized herbal formulas tailored to address specific imbalances and promote hormone regulation, ovarian function, and overall reproductive health.

Our herbal remedies are meticulously selected based on traditional Chinese medicine principles and modern research to complement acupuncture treatments and enhance their efficacy. Whether you're struggling with conditions like endometriosis, PCOS, or irregular menstrual cycles, our herbal treatments can offer natural support to optimize your fertility potential.

Initial Intake + Acupuncture Treatment

60-75 mins | $120

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Follow-Up Acupuncture

50 mins | $85

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Herbal Consult

30 mins | $100 (or included with initial intake)

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Holistic Microneedling

60 mins | $300 per treatment or $850 for pack of 3

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Acupuncture for IVF Minnetonka MN

Cupping Therapy and Additional Modalities:

At Yinergy Acupuncture, we believe in the power of integrating various healing modalities to provide comprehensive care for our clients. Cupping therapy, for example, can be utilized to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate muscular tension, all of which can contribute to overall well-being and fertility.

As part of our commitment to personalized care, we assess each client's unique needs and may incorporate additional modalities such as moxibustion, dietary therapy, and lifestyle recommendations to support their fertility journey.

Labor Preparation and Support:

Beyond fertility enhancement, acupuncture offers valuable support for pregnant individuals preparing for labor and delivery. Our acupuncture treatments can help promote optimal fetal positioning, facilitate cervical ripening, and reduce anxiety, thus contributing to a smoother labor experience and decreased need for medical interventions such as C-sections.

For individuals in Minnetonka MN, and neighboring areas, our labor induction acupuncture services are designed to support a natural and timely onset of labor while ensuring comfort and relaxation throughout the process.

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Eveline, 25

I have spent extensive time, money, and emotional energy trying to solve my hormonal imbalances. Upon going to Hannah for acupuncture, she made me feel safe, cared for, and comforted. Outside of that, I’ve seen immense progress in my cycle, my skin (extra blessing 🙌🏼), and my mood. This has been an uphill battle and acupuncture has given me a renewed sense of hope. I can’t recommend Hannah enough. Acupuncture is amazing, but going to someone who you can trust that genuinely cares about your healing is the sweetest blessing!

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Cassandra, 26

The way Hannah approaches her practice is what allows so much healing: she is authentic, present & intentional--asking the right questions & listening to the answers, thinking outside the box to find solutions, & is sensitive to the way our bodies communicate... Nonetheless, her skill for healing is definitely a gift that is meant to be shared with the world!

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Tommy, 55

Hannah has provided acupuncture treatment to alleviate my chronic neck pain. I felt immediate pain relief and a greater range of motion. It was an amazing feeling and I was sleeping better as a result. I always thought I would have to live with the pain and limited motion because prior medical treatments did little to resolve the issue. I highly recommend considering Hannah!!



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Acupuncture for IVF Minnetonka MN

Anxiety Relief and Emotional Well-being:

Navigating fertility challenges can take a toll on one's emotional well-being, leading to stress, anxiety, and feelings of uncertainty. At Yinergy Acupuncture, we prioritize the mental and emotional aspects of fertility care, offering supportive acupuncture treatments aimed at reducing anxiety, promoting relaxation, and fostering a sense of balance and resilience.

Our compassionate approach to care recognizes the importance of addressing the mind-body connection in achieving optimal fertility outcomes and overall wellness.

In conclusion, Yinergy Acupuncture is dedicated to providing holistic and personalized fertility support for individuals in Minnetonka MN, and surrounding areas. Through a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping therapy, and additional modalities, we strive to empower our clients on their fertility journey, offering natural solutions that align with their unique needs and goals.

Whether you're exploring natural fertility enhancement, undergoing assisted reproductive technologies like IVF, or seeking support for labor preparation and beyond, we are here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on your path to improved fertility and well-being.

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