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Labor & Delivery Preparation

Acupuncture allows for a smoother, more efficient labor and delivery.

Weekly acupuncture is recommended in the last trimester of pregnancy to support an efficient labor and delivery. According to a systematic review published by the Cochrane Library, weekly acupuncture has been shown to reduce the likelihood of medical interventions including the need for a cesarean section. 

What to expect at your first Acupuncture treatment: 

  • Intake: a 20-minute intake to determine your unique presentation and any underlying imbalances. Your tongue will be assessed and pulse will be felt.

  • Treatment: Either side-lying or propped up on the treatment table, your practitioner will ensure you are in a comfortable position. Needles will be inserted, and you will be handed a buzzer to rest on the table in a comfortable position for ~15-20 minutes. Most patients feel very relaxed during this time. Moxibustion will be included if you present with a breech baby.

  • At-home care: You will be sent home with a list of recommendations and a recommended treatment plan. You are not required to enter into a treatment plan.



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