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Meet the Yinergy Team

Dr. Hannah Zeleznikar, 

Acupuncturist, Founder, Owner

Dr. Hannah Zeleznikar is a doctor of Chinese medicine and licensed acupuncturist in the state of Minnesota. She founded Yinergy Acupuncture with the dream of helping others wake up their own self-healing systems. Dr. Hannah is passionate about highly individualized care and strongly believes in the body's innate self healing abilities

natalie Pratt_edited.jpg

Natalie Pratt

Office Manager

Natalie Pratt is Yinergy's soft and kind receptionist and office manager. She loves greeting patients with a smile and spending time in Yinergy's calming environment. Outside of Yinergy, Natalie has a degree in software development. When she's not working, she enjoys singing, reading, and hanging out with her 7 siblings. 

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